Basic solution

basic wireless system schematic Our solutions are compatible with all types of broadband internet access, regardless of the internet service provider and connection nature.

The system has been design to fulfill all customer needs for wireless Internet access.

Solutions vary from single wireless access point for small amount of users, up to complex, multiple wireless access points systems, serving large number of users.

System usage is transparent for end user. The institution that implements the system (wireless access host) has full control over customer access, the ability to fairly distribute resources, and customer monitoring defined by country regulatory bodies.

Although the basic solution is only one unit, all services are integrated within. Users are able to connect with the wireless system, and are allowed internet access only after successful authorization with central server. Basic system comfortably supports up to 30 users simultaneously with a mid-range or better internet connection.

About Wireless

Picturesque history of wireless communication

Detailed explanations of wireless communication


On all equipment and installation, warranty is one year.

All installations are monitored, and possible problems are remotely solved.

In case that the remote solution of the problem is not possible, our technical staff will fix it on site.


IT Systems are based on HQ open code software.

The system is centralized around the Linux kernel distribution, primarily used in enterprise computer systems.

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