Spa and Rehabilitation Centers

wirelessWireless internet access is a service that increases the overall service of the spa centers. It increases revenues, and allows guests simple internet access. This service enables guests to use up their free time which usually they have plenty on their disposal.

Wireless internet access is the optimal solution for spa centers as facilities are often spread over the large area of land.

Signal can cover complete spa, and all adjacent facilities (sport terrains, terraces, outdoor swimming pools etc…)


Our system allows the staff to have permanent internet access from any part of the location.

About Wireless

Picturesque history of wireless communication

Detailed explanations of wireless communication


On all equipment and installation, warranty is one year.

All installations are monitored, and possible problems are remotely solved.

In case that the remote solution of the problem is not possible, our technical staff will fix it on site.


IT Systems are based on HQ open code software.

The system is centralized around the Linux kernel distribution, primarily used in enterprise computer systems.

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