Point-to-Multipoint solution

point-to-multipoint wireless system schematic This solution consists of three or more wireless devices that transfer information only between each other.

Central wireless device usually handles all traffic in wireless network and performs global routing for the networks that are connected. Network bridging is possible but not as effective as routing.

The communication channel is encrypted using latest encryption technologies available today.

If there is a line of sight between wireless devices, stable connection with data transfer speeds of over 100Mbps can be achieved even on longer distances.

About Wireless

Picturesque history of wireless communication
- wirelesshistory.org

Detailed explanations of wireless communication
- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless


On all equipment and installation, warranty is one year.

All installations are monitored, and possible problems are remotely solved.

In case that the remote solution of the problem is not possible, our technical staff will fix it on site.


IT Systems wireless.hr are based on HQ open code software.

The system is centralized around the Linux kernel distribution, primarily used in enterprise computer systems.

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