Why Wireless?

wirelessWhy Wireless Solutions?
In today’s world, it is crucial that your organization can move large amounts of data in a fast and efficient way, systemize them and use them in optimal way. For the organizations with multiple locations, managing communication can be demanding and costly task. Fast, safe, reliable, and cost effective network is the key factor of your success.

Choose Wireless for your network.
No matter if you create your network from scratch, or you are upgrading your existing one, broadband high speed network is the most reliable and most cost effective solution.

Comparing with wire network
Broadband wireless network provides the same performance as wire network, without the cost of wiring, and without the limitation of wire network.

Simplicity and Flexibility
Broadband wireless networks are installed much faster than wire networks. Your wireless networks can fast, simply and economically adjust to your changing communication needs. Broadband wireless network enables you to simply add or eliminate locations, or to ensure higher flows.

Speed and Reach
Wireless “Point to Point” link enables data flow several times faster than wire network. On top of that, wire networks are often limited to urban areas, where wireless links can be set up almost anywhere. In the city, suburban areas, or rural areas.

Safety and Reliability
Wireless networks are just as reliable as traditional wire networks, and enable constant flow within the structure, or between linked buildings. They are safe as wire networks, so eventual unauthorized access is virtually impossible.

Cost Effectiveness and Prices
Connecting LAN networks with wireless links is substantially more economical than adding additional wiring to your existing network, or setting up a new wire network. In addition, wireless infrastructure requires much less maintenance and is less prone to malfunction in regard to traditional wire networks.

Application Versatility

Wireless networks are optimal solution for:

- Local networks: within an institution
- Point to Point links: connecting two subsidiaries of the same institution
- Point to Multipoint: connecting a central warehouse with remote POS locations


About Wireless

Picturesque history of wireless communication
- wirelesshistory.org

Detailed explanations of wireless communication
- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless


On all equipment and installation, warranty is one year.

All installations are monitored, and possible problems are remotely solved.

In case that the remote solution of the problem is not possible, our technical staff will fix it on site.


IT Systems wireless.hr are based on HQ open code software.

The system is centralized around the Linux kernel distribution, primarily used in enterprise computer systems.

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